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A spanish immersion school like no other

Housed in a hotel on the seaside, this school offers students the opportunity to experience an unforgettable linguistic stay with classes, social and cultural activities as well as free time to relax. A personalized approach to vacation and learning.

Academia Cienfuegos2


Our host city is the darling of many Cubans. Cienfuegos offers the best of three worlds : the city, the mountain and the Caribbean Sea.

The heart of this university town pulses to the rhythm of a variety of cultural activities often held in the splendid theater Tomás Terry, which was inaugurated in 1890.

Capital of the province of the same name, Cienfuegos is in close proximity of the Escambray mountain range. Its location opens doors to multiple outdoor activities, including an expedition to El Nicho waterfall.

The citizens of Cienfuegos like to frequent the beach called Rancho Luna. This crescent-shaped beach offers to swimmers calm and warm waters. The particularly rugged coastline hides a very rich and attractive marine life for diving buffs.

Cubains call it the «  perla del sur » or the «  linda ciudad del mar ».

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